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Power Flushing

special offer valid to March 2021

Cleaning a central heating system is integral to its health and power flushing is a popular cleaning method due to the rapid but comprehensive clean it delivers. The benefits of a clean heating system are well documented.

  • More even heat distribution throughout the property
  • Lower household bills
  • Extended system life
  • Increased system reliability
  • Improved overall energy savings

When to Power Flush

Is your heating system experiencing any of the flowing problems?

  • Some radiators are completely or partially cold
  • Excessive boiler noise
  • Radiators rusting
  • Repeated pump failure
  • Radiators cold at bottom
  • Slow heat-up of individual radiators
  • Frequent bleeding of radiators

How much does a Power Flush cost?

  • We will power flush a house with up to 10 radiators for € 550.00 (This includes all chemicals and labour). The process takes between 4 and 8 hours to complete.
  • Additional radiators will cost € 25.00 each.

We cannot be held responsible for any disruption or damage caused by the power flushing at systems,

We will advise on old systems and have other methods of cleaning your central heating system.