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Gas Services

North Dublin Heating Technicians are all RGI registered.
We are registered SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland)
Contractors under the Better Energy Homes (BEH) and
can arrange boiler and control grants on upgrades.

Upgrading your Gas Boiler to an A rated condensing gas boiler can result in savings of up to 30% in fuel consumption compared with non-condensing boilers, when installed with integrated boiler controls it can lead to greater savings

Special Offer

18KW Ideal logic gas boiler with full chemical power flush (suitable for a standard 3-4 bedroom home) € 1650

All boilers come with a 5 year warranty

Gas Services Provided

  • Gas boiler service
  • Gas boiler repair
  • Gas boiler replacement
  • Heating control upgrades
  • Cooker and fire installation
  • Gas leak detection
  • Carbone monoxide test
  • Gas line installation

Gas Services

  • Standard Gas Boiler Services from € 65.00
  • Standard gas boiler services and carbon monoxide alarm from € 95.00
  • A rated condenser gas boilers installed from € 1500.00
  • A rated condenser gas boilers with fully integrated controls installed from € 2250.00
  • Avail of a € 700 SEAI grant available to get a gas boiler replaced with a condenser gas boilers with fully integrated controls